How To Play Roulette Game: Best Tricks

How To Play Roulette Game Best Tricks

Roulette game requires luck to win just like other casino games, but it also requires skill. Hence you need to learn how to play roulette game with skill.

Not to discourage you, but let us have one thing clear – a casino is not a charity. So, on the overall, it has to win over its players. It has been established to give you fun at a cost that you foot, and also to enable you win money at the expense of other players. Not at the expense of the house, mark you.

In short, you will be learning how to play roulette game in order to minimize your losses and to increase your chances of winning, but not to eliminate your risk of losing. The day you make a series of spins and you win in all of them, thank your stars – luck will be on your side. And believe it or not, other players will be covering that win by losing their bets, whether they know it or not.

Best Roulette Tips

In learning how to play roulette game, you need to begin with the elementary steps. Mark you, knowing how to behave in the casino is just as important as learning the skills to play the game.

Do some warm up spins first

Do some warm up spins firstMake a point of spinning the wheel a number of times before you can embark on real play. This tip, of course, works best at a brick and mortar casino, where such spinning helps you notice if the wheel has any biases. You will notice, for example, if the wheel tends to land on odd numbers more than any other set of numbers.

Another tip that is closely associated with this one in terms of bias, suggests that you observe how individual dealers spin. Just by the dealer using some specific amount of force to push the wheel can influence the wheel’s landing on particular numbers. This point essentially highlights the need to study the gaming environment, even as you strive to utilize your skills on a particular game. Winning does not come just by learning the rules of the game. It is also influenced by the environment within which you are playing.

Warm up at a free table

Warm up at a free tableBefore you can commit your money to betting, why not identify a free table with roulette game and have a feel of the wheel? This not only relaxes you, but also raises your level of confidence. You also get to learn, albeit a little bit, the moves that work and those that do not in this particular casino.

Having a chit chat with a dealer as you try your hand at a free table also gives you a chance to tap into the dealer’s knowledge of the game and the casino in general. Like we mentioned earlier, winning is not just about learning how to play roulette game, but is also about understanding the environment within which you are playing.

Watch Others Play

By watching other players playing roulette at the casino, you may notice their mistakes the way you cannot identify yours when you are playing. Then you know – well, when it is my turn I will not do that. It may be about the set of numbers a particular player picked, or the repetitive nature of the player’s bets, or just something else. But you learn by being observant.

On the other hand, when the player plays various hands and keeps winning, you may wish to borrow a leaf from such a player’s moves, even when factoring in the element of luck. Of course, being observant cannot succeed on its own. You need to learn the theory of how to play roulette game and practice it.

Watch Others Play Roulette

Work at breaking even

How do you ensure you break even when there is luck involved? Well, the same luck that has you lose to the house is the same one that helps you win real money. How you manage your money when you win matters a lot. You could learn how to play roulette game and be the envy of your peers, but if you do not manage the money you win well at the casino, you may not be successful at the casinos.

The basics of managing your winnings begin with you withdrawing the amount of money you win – send it straight to your bank and leave only your initial deposit. If you began with a deposit of $50, for instance, and you win $100, do not succumb to the temptation of betting the whole $100 the next round. Instead, withdraw $50 and continue playing with the remaining $50. In case you lose the next bet, you will have lost nothing. You will have had fun playing roulette, and your bank account will be intact.

Lean On Outside Bets

Really – why? Through some simple arithmetic, it has been found that in addition to acquiring the skills by learning how to play roulette game, the next best thing you can do is keep making outside bets.

Lean On Outside Bets

By this we mean you pick red or black, high or low, odd or even, and although you are unlikely to win big amounts at a go, you are unlikely to lose whole bets either. So, cumulatively, the small monies that you win could amount to much. In fact, what veterans advice is you pick either red or black, and combine that with either an even or odd number.

Choose a roulette strategy

You cannot purport to have learnt how to play roulette game if you have not learnt the strategies used in the game. Once you understand each one of them, you can then pick whichever you feel comfortable with. There is even no harm in trying each at different times to see the one that works best for you.

Choose a roulette strategy

These roulette strategies include martingale, fibonnaci, D’Alembert, and their reverse versions among others.